Namaste is an Oriental greeting that can be interpreted as “The God spark in me acknowledges the God spark in you.”  An intimate connection to Spirit is something that all human beings share.  There are times in our lives when the importance of that spiritual connection becomes clouded or lost in the busy-ness of our lives.  As a Spiritual Coach it is my intention to assist you in strengthening your connection to Spirit, allowing you to tap into this powerful source of comfort and peace that is your spiritual birthright. 




Finding your Purpose



Why are you here? What are you meant to do? Whose lives are you destined to touch? What contribution are you supposed to make to those around you? Interestingly enough, a person’s purpose has much more to do with what we do for others than what we do for ourselves. Discover your personal purpose by enhancing your connection to the God/Spirit of your understanding. Discovering your purpose is an exciting quest! I would be honored to accompany you on this journey.




We all carry with us physical and emotional wounds that distract us from being our best and doing our best.  Through the use of the ancient art of Reiki Healing I can offer you a way to find some relief.  A Reiki healer acts as a vessel through which the powerful healing energy of Spirit is offered to anyone who asks.  Reiki healing can be delivered in person or from a distance.  If you are seeking healing of body, mind or spirit Reiki energy can work to make you whole.

Spirit Communication


 Spirit talks to us in many ways through many different means of communication.  As your Spiritual Coach I will offer you Tarot readings, animal totem readings, and clairvoyant readings as a way of getting a message from Spirit that is designed to bring insight and comfort about the choices you are making and consequences you are experiencing in this life.  You have the opportunity to pose a question to Spirit and then hear what information and wisdom Spirit has to share with you.